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How many more years is Gore our starter?

How many more years is Gore our starter?

1, maybe 2 years. I really wish we'd utilize him more in the screen passing game along with Hunter. The ONE time we did it vs the Giants it yielded 15+ yards.

I dont have the research in front of me but I bet that our average yards gained on screen passes was pretty high this year. It's too bad we didn't do it more often.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
After reading Barrows article about Gore not going to the pro-bowl because he's been dealing with ankle injuries and a few other ailments, I really think we should cut him. It's not that he can't do it, but he is literally ruining his life. I know Gore loves football, and it's to a fault. I'm sure he would play with one leg if he could and the way it's going, he just might. I say cut him for his own good. The guy is on a suicide mission.

we can't cut gore, he is our best RB,,, these guys take pride in giving everything they have,, including their body to the game
I'd guess 1. Whether he admits it or not, he's pretty banged up. Still very serviceable though.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I'd guess 1. Whether he admits it or not, he's pretty banged up. Still very serviceable though.

yeah i think this year will be the end of the road of Gore as the starter
1 or 2, with hunter getting a lot of snaps next year and so on
We need to draft another RB next year because I dont believe Hunter can be an every down back.
I don't think Gore will be our starter next year
until his contract runs out , did you notice they added years to his contract not give him a new one , they are going to move on after his contract runs out .
One with a 60/40 split and then I think hunter is the man. Maybe im wrong though

I was ready to trade him 2 years ago! You set "all time" records at the end of you career, not the beginning, he is the teams all time leading rusher, because he is done!
Gore is loseing a step or 2
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Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
Originally posted by Chief:
Full starter?
IMO, this was his last year as a bell cow. He still has a year or two with the 49ers but I don't see anymore 1000 yard seasons or 20 carry games.

I also think that this was his last 1000 year :(
I think we will draft a rb

If there is one at the right spot, I would hate to reach. Gore and Hunter will do great splitting carries for at least next year.
49ers mailbag: Gore sure looked healthy to me. He avg 5.6 yards and played 105 of SF's 125 playoff snaps.
wouldnt suprise me if we took Sanu 1, and Polk in round 2.
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