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Who is the Niners regular season MVP?

Who is the Niners regular season MVP?

Originally posted by winner21:
How many games would we have won without Alex Smith?

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JUSTIN SMITH!!! hands down!
Defense and Special Teams

but since we can only choose one player, i have to go with David Akers....if he didn't make those fieldgoals for us, we'd be f**ked

no one on offense consistently helped us get TDs to take advantage of the great field position our defense and special teams got for us. So Akers was asked to do soo much this year, and he has came through.
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"Cowboy" Justin Smith

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Akers had one of the best season in history
Honestly? I think Andy Lee. It's tough... At first I thought Alex or Justin Smith, but I really think Andy Lee. Yeah, I know... the punter. But still... Over the course of a season, winning the field position battle is a major, major advantage.

I won't put down Justin or Alex Smith though. Justin Smith came up with a lot of clutch plays, was stout against the run, and formed a formidable pass-rushing tandem with Aldon. Alex Smith on the other hand was the orchestrator of our offense this season. Sure, we didn't put up prolific numbers, but you can tell that we have a very complex system and the offense performed their part as planned, all season long. He played his role, albeit it wasn't a centerpiece like a Tom Brady or Drew Brees... but without him fulfilling that role the way he did, we could've lost some very close games.
You could also say Akers, Lee, or ASmith, maybe even Bowman. Their excellent or vastly improved play enabled this team to accomplish what it did. BUT, Justin Smith set the tone for this team -- his relentless motor and professionalism are amazing -- and he saved two games for us at least -- Philly and Giants.
Justin Smith the dude was a monster all season and clutch
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Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Andy Lee

Totally Agree! I never saw a punter dominate like Andy!

Originally posted by spizzy:
When you ask yourself this question, the answer is very clear

Who could we NOT win without?


I asked myself the question and without hesitation, delineation , aberration , and swear under ONE NATION "we can and do win with or without #11." Scoreboard matters and the single season record holder for points scored is.............................................David Akers. Decided too many games to dismiss his VALUE to this team. Akers it is then
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The fact that Patrick Willis is getting no love (and no votes) proves how deep and talented this team really is.
My first reaction was "no brainer, its gotta be Justin Smith" but with a little more thought I have to go with David Akers. Dude was consistent and clutch for us all year. Not that "Cowboy" wasn't but when I look at the way we play/win games, I just don't think we would be where we are now without a kicker the caliber of Akers.
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Justin Smith. Honorable mention for Andy Lee. With all the yards he saves and momentum he gives us, he's equivalent to a star receiver.
David Akers. Have you seen how many points he scored this season? We won many of game on his leg.
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