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Who is the Niners regular season MVP?

Who is the Niners regular season MVP?

It's Smith with Smith a close second
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Our special teams. They absolutely murdered it this year.
The Smiths (minus Reggie)
Justin Smith.

This run defense is only a top-10 run defense without him instead of the best. He constantly demands double teams and still managed to make plays.

And that goes for both pass rushing and run defense. He was one of the best, if not THE best pass rushing 3-4 defensive end in the NFL.

God I love Justin Smith
lol @ chilo and frank "gire"

it has to be smith, akers, or lee.
When you ask yourself this question, the answer is very clear

Who could we NOT win without?

Smith then Smith
This is a tough one. There's so many guys that contributed, closed out games one way or another. Can't decide so I'll give it to Soap. Underrated as NT on defense. Wrecking ball on offense in the running game. Elite pass catcher out of the backfield. MVP!
The Smiths. Pick your favorite.
It's david akers.

Even if Gore
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This is one of those teams where the entire team was an MVP.
How many games would we have won without Alex Smith?
This is a tough question, with many qualified candidates.

I think the player who, if we didn't have him would have the greatest negative impact on the season, would be Rogers.

If you're looking at leadership and all the other traditional criteria, probably Justin Smith.
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