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Potential 49ers Super Bowls that never happened.

Lame, of course it's 1990..nothing compares with that.
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
1990 prob takes young (7 yo) to remember....2011 hurts

You're only 7 years old?!?!?! My god! That's amazing!
90 I was at a ski lodge in Michigan watching the game from a doorway at the lodge bar(under age). The whole crowd wanted the 49ers to lose. I was looking away and talking to my friend when screams erupted. Craig, well you all know.

That being said 92 still pisses me off more. No doubt in 93 the Cowboys were the better team. But 92 the calls and ball bounced their way and thats why the won. remember Aikman even saying he was just happy to be there but didnt believe they were gonna win until the game wore on. And he said that the flag on Rice's early TD gave them a little hope because his immediate reaction was something to the effect of "oh sh*&" these guys are that good and we're in trouble. Its started a Cowboy Dynasty. Now I will admit I would prolly go 90 Giants if Montana wasn't injured. I dont believe Young was ready to lead us to victory in the big game yet.
Originally posted by Niners99:
going back over the years, we played for the conference championship game 12 times since 1970, but only 5 times went on to the Super Bowl. we won all 5 times obviously, but its frustrating to look back at how many more SB rings we were 1 game away from, but couldnt get it done.

1970- wouldve played the Colts
1971- wouldve played the Dolphins
1983- wouldve played the Raiders
1990- wouldve played the Bills
1992- wouldve played the Bills
1993- wouldve played the Bills
1997- wouldve played the Patriots

as amazing as our 5 championships are, there were 7 more within spitting distance, but we lost. All I see when I look at those 3 against Buffalo are 3 more Lombardi trophies that wouldve been in our case, no doubt.

Cowboys screwed us out of 4 of those, Giants, Redskins, and Packers 1 each.

Wow, seven missed opportunities? How many franchises can say they've played in 12 conference championship games?
Originally posted by 9erflavor:
Wow, seven missed opportunities? How many franchises can say they've played in 12 conference championship games?

13...and counting.
A part of me thought of the Atlanta braves and all there posteason failures ... 49ers have 5 rings though
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