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"Official" post game quotes in 2011 from other head coaches about the Niners

Jim Schwartz "I went to congratulate Coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way,"

Andy Reid " Absolutely terrible job by myself and my football team today. When you have the lead in the National Football League, you build on it and you continue to score points when given the opportunity. In all areas we were terrible today. We had a lot of yards, but we didn't punch it in, and we were just 2-for-7 in the red zone. Defensively, we gave up three scoring drives in the second half. Our young kicker (Alex Henery) has got to figure it out too, just like everybody else on our football team. When you have opportunities to score points, you score points."

Pete Carroll Although Carroll admitted that he was not at all pleased with the officiating during the contest, he repeatedly refused to offer up any details, stating only that it "made the difference in the game."
"Our guys, I think, went toe to toe with them in a game that we really had a chance to win"

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They are all just mad and not willing to admit the 49ers just flat out beat them.
"they are who we thought they were"
this thread is like 16 weeks late
It's never to late to hear other coaches whine!
Originally posted by jreff22:
this thread is like 16 weeks late

True. But a pretty good idea for a thread, especially when compared to: "Why I think Alex Smith suxxors", or "Why we should trade a bag of potato chips for a superstar receiver".

Kudos for the novel idea.
sounds like various niners coaches and players over the years when they lost a close game. it's jut the way overly competitive ppl are wired.
I chuckled at the quote by Pete Carroll. I thought we were getting the short end of the calls. The PI on Brown comes to mind and all the non calls against their secondary. They were all over our WR's and TE's often making contact after 5 yards and before the ball got there.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
"they are who we thought they were"

they mad

Its hard to admit defeat.

Its easier to make excuses.
Goes to show you cream rises to the top.
Originally posted by HarryPeterson:
Goes to show you cream rises to the top.

Just to mention, cream isnt the only thing that floats
"What's Jim Harbaugh's deal?" ::After eliminated by 49ers::

-Pete Carroll
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