There are 198 users in the forums says we have secured a 1st round bye but i dont agree..

Brilliant! Why didn't I think of this first!

He got his first sack of his NFL career and now he can play outside linebacker!

did you see how fast alex smith was??? make him a rb now!
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Agreed. Also, Vernon Davis has pretty damn good size for a 3-4 OLB at 6'4 260 lbs. If we move him to defense and move Aldon Smith to Tight End we might have a shot at the Super Bowl.
Did'nt he play outside linebacker in a 4-3? If so, dude thats waaay different!!!
Andy lee for QB in 2012
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Andy lee for QB in 2012

Forget that! Offer the Raiders whatever they want for Lechler and make him the QB next year! He's got a QB rating of 118.1 this year! With him on board we're in the Super Bowl for sure!!!
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
did you see how fast alex smith was??? make him a rb now!

How bout Goodwin on that Fake FG pass? We should put him in the slot, especially with all these injuries going on
What's crazy is that this isn't the worst idea I've seen today. Someone on the draft forum is suggesting Willis move to OLB.
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Hey, if we move Carlos Rogers to WR. Hell with him catching INT's on D who knows what he can do for the offence.
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Chilo for slot WR

Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Chilo for slot WR

Well lets just put him on defense he's a bad enough blocker at rg!
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OK, who started this thread? Was it Nolan or Singletary? come on....fess up..
I agree why not try and find some PT for grant or work him in the offseason to OLB ...... Many on this board think grant is to small (listed 6"0 and 250) james Harrison of pit is listed 6"0 242 ... The way I view it is our starting OLB right now are solid but grant showed playmaking ability more than Brooks and haralson have in a short period
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lets move harbaugh to qb
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