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What 49er has made you the most proud so far this season?

What 49er has made you the most proud so far this season?

Originally posted by Sinsation:
Justin Smith

This for me also.
The Hawk!!
Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Alex Smith
Goldson/Rogers. Our secondary was our biggest concern besides QB this season and they have been holding up their end so for.
Also Soap. His position won't give him any recognition. But with out his play that run defense isn't so.
The entire 2011 49ers TEAM
I think Alex Smith, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Carlos Rogers, Ted Ginn, Lee, Akers, Bowman, Culliver, Miller are the ones I am most proud of. I think Alex Smith has been the most influential because he has had the most difficult position and the most baggage to address.
Out of that list?

Aldon. Rookie DE in college moving to LB many people bashed the pick. He's turned out to be amazing. Should be DROY
Definitely NaVarro Bowman.
Tough question. My vote goes to Alex overall. They all have played great ball this year, so a case could easily be made for each one of these guys.

who is our MVP--Justin Smith

whose future am I most excited about--Aldon Smith

whose performance is the biggest surprise--NaVorro Bowman

what about the team makes me proud to be a Niner fan--The Defense

what about the team makes me confident about the future-- The Coaching Staff

whose individual performance should Niners fans be proud of--Alex Smith
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out of all the people? its gotta be alex! he is a mentally tough mofo i dont even think rodgers can handle all hes been through. From being booed in candlestick and demanded to be benched for carr (lol) to leading this team to a superbowl run!
Play performance - Justin Smith

Overall performance - Alex. To have been so beaten up by the fans, the media and other past 49er greats like Rice & Young; and Alex never whinned, complained or lashed back. Now - he hasn't even gloated or said anyting about anyone who maligned him. That's a real quality himan being.
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