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Niners need to defend the screen AND implement it into their offense

I have a feeling we are going to see a s**t LOAD (not sure how big that is) of things we have never seen. The way Harbaugh and players have talked about installs, it seems that they basically plan, practice, and apply practically a new "playbook" every week or should I say new plays off of already used formations.

Harbaugh is really working our players' minds and they have shown to be able to handle it.

s**t, I wouldn't be surprised if we see this formation: Playaction sprint right throw left to LT#2

Originally posted by TonyStarks:

We defended the screen pretty damn well this season. I have no idea why we didn't use it more often in the O. Both Gore and Hunter run it very well.
Thought they defend the screen pretty well, but you are right. I think Kendell Hunter will be a killer on screen passes.
Our ability and commitment to run the ball, made it harder to sell the screen. The defense may be rushing Smith but due to our running game, the defense will always lookout for the RB and the run. So when Smith goes back and try to throw a screen to Gore, the linebackers are already discipline enough to pay attention to Gore due to that run threat. Gore end up getting covered in most cases. Smith purposely blow it up by throwing it at Gore's feet.
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