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Always pouting, looks hurt,AND AFTER EVERY RUN HE TAKES HIMSELF OUT.
he has probably been hurt. no big deal.
what pisses me off is how he patiently waits for a hole to open against an all gaps blitz
Refs really are screwing us this year.....whistle was late, and it worked.
No surprise there...........the refs suck balls
49ers need less trick plays and more red zone offense!!!!@$#%!!!!!!
Yeah, we are one and done in the Playoffs if they can't get this Redzone Offense turned around... Most likely will will have the Saints the first playoff game and they score TD's not FG's... We need to get this s**t turned around!! This line also needs to figure out how to block these exotic blitz packages cause Greg Williams of N.O. will have that dialed in... We'd better figure this all out!! And fast!
Concerns with Gore? He's not running with the burst he had before the bye. his cuts look sloppy, and he seems to always be slipping alot. Hes been productive, im just wondering if this keeps up, how will we fair in playoff games
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He is 1-2 years away from being done. Or at least he looks that way.

A good early season is looking like a miserable late season.
I told you all that this play calling was going to hurt us eventually.

Sad we've been in the redzone like 15 times this game.
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Division games are always tough
Originally posted by TexasNiner915:
Division games are always tough

Doesn't change the fact that there is no reason we shouldn't have scored at least 1/2 the times we were in the redzone.
its 1 game

saints lost to the rams

joe staley was out
patrick willis was out

one loss and suddently we suck and we need to bench alex?

are you guys kidding me?
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