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There are many posters who say Alex Smith had a bad game but......poor oline, coaching, wrs dropped passes, play calling.

Why can't it just be, Smith had a bad game...Yes its a team game, but this is a thread about the QB.

Smith is regressing from earlier solid form and i believe its because our run game is off.

Because the QB plays within the context of the team, not individually. Last year when Smith scrambled left, slipped, fell and tried to still pass thereby fumbling...that's the type of play where you can say the guy lost his composure and blew it. When he throws a pass that is slightly off but is being hit while he throws it, that is not on him alone. I understand that you think many do not critique Smith harshly enough but we disagree on that.

Gore may be injured, actually is injured according to Harbaugh, which may be why the run game is off. You might have noticed that Arizona did not bring the house on blitzes Sunday. They pulled a Baltimore by lining up 8 in the box but had different players backpedal as soon as Smith snapped the ball. Our offense, including Smith, is just not well enough developed to make them pay for their deception. But really, the OLine needs to be able to pick up four guys every play. Smith can scramble from one but not three guys getting to him every down.

As for our wonderful WRs that some are saying stack up with any in the NFL...they missed on three sure TDs this week by losing the ball in the sky. Even if you say it was Smith's fault that they didn't know where the ball was...look up...find it...catch it...run to end zone!