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Recovered fumble

2 sacks

His BULL RUSH was phenomenal

This kid is only 20 and when he grows into that monstrous frame, WOW, JUST WOW
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definitely need a gif
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This was my favorite moment of the game. He has been getting his sacks throughout the year but I was starting to worry that he was starting to get out of sync because he was only playing part time. This was the first time since the Detroit game that I felt he took control of his snaps and made a mark on the game. When he went running off the field he reminded me of that guy that hits a homerun and is so jacked up that he sprints around the bases. Beautiful.
Want to see gif's of that and him running over the offensive lineman.
And now for Manny Lawson's sack total this year.......

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Arguably the best sack celebration since Klecko.
Man Crush!!!
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I keep laughing, thinking about it. Just the way he ran off the field, looked like Herman Munster or something.
One of the funniet and most awsome things ive eva seen lols

Hope he does that every time he gets a sack on third down. His signature sack move.
That whole play was amazing. I burst into laughter seeing Ahmad Brooks run over the Ram lineman before Aldon got that sack.
i didn't see it
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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
i didn't see it

It might be overhyped by now for you if you read all this and just see a replay.. but just during the flow of the game he out of nowhere does that run.. was hilarious.
where was that Robert Quinn guy at that everyone wanted us to get? Trent had a great draft glad he didn't read into the pre draft hype. Loved the setting the helmet down sideline celebration aswell
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