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Get Well Freddie Solomon.

I also extend my thoughts & prayers out to Freddie. Get well soon Freddie.
Get Well Freddie.
You can do it.
GOD bless you Freddie and I pray that you will be healed! Thank you for your contributions to us fans and the Niners.
Wow, terrible news! I hope he makes it through ok! The very last game I attended at Candlestick was in 84 against the Vikings. We crushed them that day 52-7! Anyway, before kickoff, Freddie was on the other side of the field from our seats, and my friend and I ran across to where he was to say hi, and he took the time to stop playing catch and come over to say hi, and shook our hands! Awesome guy!

You aren't going to slip on this route!

We wish you the very best and thank you for those first downs that NFL films glosses over.

We still remember them! And we still love you!
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My prayers are with you and your family Freddie! Thank you for all those memorable games where you made the most amazing catches and had great hands. There was one play...(can't remember exactly) where you jumped over a receiver to get it. It's the one play that sticks out in my mind...and i always thought you were Joe's favorite target...not DC...

Freddie Solomon = HOF
Originally posted by YungAce:
wish him the best

Get well
The best to Freddie.
Get well and God's speed to you Freddie! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

49ers Fan in NC

I hope you out-run this one too. Keep the faith.
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Get well soon. #88 was way underrated, a great 49er as far as I am concerned.
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We're with you 88
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Oh no!!!!!! Rare do people survive colon cancer, it took Patrick Swayze away from us. KEEP FIGHTING FREDDIE!!!

I thought he died from Pancreatic cancer?
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