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Which team do you think would give the 49ERS the most difficulty in the playoffs?

Which team do you think would give the 49ERS the most difficulty in the playoffs?

Aside from the Packers because they will obviously be in the NFC Championship......of the potential NFC playoff opponents (all of which are over .500), which team do you think would give the 49ers the MOST difficulty?

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this is my vote....and here's why:
My vote was for the Saints..... However, Brees plays great at home and struggles more on the road. So if its at Candlestick, we have an even better chance.

And if my mind serves me correctly, with last years O and players, didnt Alex bring us back not only with the TD drive, but with the 2pt conversion to Davis.

And had our D held maybe we would of hit overtime.

So once again maybe the Saints, but thats about it.
Saint in the SuperDome. The last 5 games are extremely important, because the 9ers gotta lock up home field advantage to have a chance against that team.
Saints b/c they know how to play in the playoffs, employ an exotic blitz package over 60% of the time and obviously have an offense that can exploit our secondary esp. if we can't (or don't) get after Brees.

Also, we seem to struggle when teams go to a no-huddle or hurry-up offense and the Saints can do this as good as anyone.
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colts for sure
Didn't we make Drew Brees struggle a couple of years back with bracket coverage?
Voted Saints, too. Besides, I want payback for the MNF loss last year. Then, in FA maybe we could sign WR Colston = Colston, Morgan and Crabtree. Nice!

NO or Dallas
Any team that has a potent Passing game.... Saints.. f*gboys
Ravens in the Superbowl....but we win that rematch.....
Saints. We stop everyone's runnung game so that isn't a factor. The two games we lost happend from passing not running. The Saints are the best passing team we would face in the playoffs.

Frankly, I'd rather face them. I'm sick of some people saying we "lucked out" and haven't played anyone really good. Bring on the best and let's beat 'em.
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Ravens in the Superbowl....but we win that rematch.....

Perfect World Scenario ...after we pound up the Cowgirls and Packers in the playoffs
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