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What articles would you like the 49er beat writers to write?

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Hopefully one of the beat writers read this.

Here are articles I would love to see.

1. How does our current 49er defense compare to the Raven's Super Bowl defense, which I believe is the best all time defense in the NFL?
2. Analyze all of our 3rd down plays for the year to see why our 3rd down conversion rate is so low. Is there a trend?
3. Perform the same analysis for our red zone plays. Why do we score so few TD?

For #2 and #3, even just the past couple of games would be nice.
I would like an update on the IR players and how they are coming along
I can write an article on the Bleacher Report if anyone would like

[insert B/R sucks comment here]

But really, I'm serious... I can...
Oregon Duck,

Here's an easy story for you: Find out if Harbaugh really is "opening up the offense." It should be a profitable story for you because you can use a lot of inches (assuming you still get paid by inches) with charts.
I like the feel good articles, but coach JH will only find the ones that crap on the 9ers useful.
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Originally posted by ace49ers:
I like the feel good articles, but coach JH will only find the ones that crap on the 9ers useful.

Ok, we need someone to write an article on why the 49ers won't win a play-off game and mail it to JH. (:
The only article I want to see will be titled "San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champions".
The amazing contribution of Oakland-Niner to the 49ers magical season.
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Apparently we still have a ways to go to rival the 2000 Ravens. I found the following:

In the past quarter-century, only one defense has held opponents to fewer than 11 points per game. That team? Ray Lewis' Ravens. In 2000, Baltimore set NFL records for fewest points allowed (165) and fewest yards rushing allowed (970) in a 16-game schedule.
I would like the following articles written:

1. A progress report of our members on the development team. Are they making progress to replace anyone on the main team in case of injury especially the oline men and the dline men and the CBs.

2. What happened to allow two blocked field goals and almost blocked punt?

3. How is our backfield progressing? The growth curve of the backfield, especially for Brock and Culliver.

4. Aldon Smith seems to be trying to bull rush the oline and is not making a lot of progress. How is he doing and is he hitting the rookie wall?

5. Is Sopoaga growing in the NT spot and is he making any progress on his pass rush?

6. The health and development of our WRs. Looks like Williams is starting to play better and the connection between him and Smith is improving.

7. Why is Crabtree starting to play better?

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