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Thanksgiving day tv station?

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yeah Dish has issues they need to deal with. They dropped SNY and MSG, and dont have YES as well. I have Dish for a bit in 2009, the lone season I missed the nfl ticket(Have had it since 2006, till now).

I never had a big issue with them, I left due to high prices, they wanted a boat load for HD Rceivers and HD Dish. It ws like 299 for a Dish, and 499 for a HD Receiver. Plus for the price I paid with Dish, I didnt have HD obviously, and I pay about the same.

The one good thing I can say about Dish compared to cable company like Time Warner and Cablevision is they have NFL Network and NFL RedZone. (I enjoyed the redzone channel in 09)

what is SNY MSG and YES?

NY Sports regional channels.

YES network is The Yankees channel(Also shows NJ Nets games)
MSG is Knicks channel, also has Big East Football/Basketball on it
SNY is the Mets channel, also has Big East Football/Basketball on it, along with preseason NY Jets.

There pretty big in NY for sports fans. A big reason why a lot of NY Dish customers have/will leave. DirecTV had a cariage issue/deal with YES back in april, pretty much everyone here in the ny area blamed DirecTV 100%, even though it was revealed YES wanted much more than what Time Warner, Cablevision, etc... get it for.
Yea kina like the FX issue this year, it was said that DTV would lose FX channels but after reading about it DTV was never really ever close to losing those channels.

yeah, Fox wanted more, but Directv wouldnt give in, they compromised. I knew we wouldnt lose FX, Nat Geo, Nate Geo Wild, etc...
you cant watch the NFL NETWORK games on NFL SUNDAY TICKET To Go :(
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