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David Akers Nickname

Jose Cortez...
not everyone needs a nickname.

hes got a Berman nickname, which isnt very good or creative, but thats about it.
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The FreshmAkers

40 Akers and a mule
Mr. Automatica.
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Originally posted by WildBill:

Yes. Money in the bank!
akey breaky heart, thats what he leaves the other teams feeling like with his daggers

The Ache Man. Oh wait...
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
it's david green akers

it always has been and always will be

Yea, thats the ticket
Originally posted by WildBill:

If he needs one this is what it is! His kicks are money
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I'm only 36 myself but if anyone under 35 get's this joke will have me buy them a drink if they get this. Please don't cheat on the internet.

David 'i put up more points then the offence' Akers.
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