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49ers Pass D is better than most think

we get burned deep when we blitz against good qbs (eli, vick, romo)

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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Yeah, but compared to last yr, Culliver is a find, Carlos is playing great, TBrown is +/- , Whitner is usually right around the ball, and Bowman and p52 are both well above average in pass D.Shawntee...umm, I'm not sure if he would be a step up or down. But the thot that our pass rush is so much better is the key to all this.

Remember, if a Qb, like Eli goes out there and throws a perfect game, the best D in the world will lose. Fortunately, there were a bunch of flat out drops, even by Manningham who had two TDs and caught a bunch of other balls.

But Alex at 19/30 was 63% against the #1 NFC East leader. Face it. Alex beat Eli. Our STs won, our D won(but just barely ,due to passing game), and our O won
barely. Just as important, Coach Harbaugh outcoached coughlin. Who would have takent that bet? Incredible.
Culliver could also be called for P.I. just about every play.
I'm 100% sure every time they showed Culliver in coverage he was holding the receiver.
Brown is easily the worst player we have on our Secondary, and I'm not seeing anything spectacular from Whitner.

I feel like the only good secondary players we have are Goldson and Rogers, and even Rogers plays way too much of a cushion on his players.
Theres no doubt in my mind that a healthy Spencer is better than Brown. Havent we seen it the last few years?? That being said Eli throws a great deep ball
i dont care what those stats say, our secondary is frustrating to watch and brown needs to be behind culliver, brock and spencer. they give up way too much big plays, any team with a good qb and at least 3 good wrs we will have a very hard time defending. thats why i have nightmares of facing a rodgers led team with jennings, nelson, jones, driver, cobb and finley to throw to.
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