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The Next 8 Games Will Separate the Band Wagononers from Us Loyal S.O.B.s

No offense but f**k the bandwagoners! Let em follow the eagles, pats saints steelers whoever the next winner is! The niner faithful is exactly just that. The niner faithful, diehard niner fans! s**t we have always been down. Exen threw the yrs of cody picket a qb, playing special teams n time at wideout just to make our team! Last decade hasnt been kind to us! But we have been there! We was all there the yr when we went i believe 4-12. We over acheived, and beat the bucs who was a probowl team wit the #1 ranked defense! Thanks to joe nedneys 5 fg's. We been hardcore thought the good and bad. Just boit everyone likes to root for other teams on any given sunday but when it comes to the niners to the true faithful it is niner football or nothing!

Goniners bring on the giants!
LOL, i remember terrible times when the only thing you could cheer for was for cody pickett to start
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I will love this team until the day I die, win or lose.

The fact that most of us Webzoners have been here for YEARS shows dedication to this team. We know who those folks are and I don't think pointing fingers are needed.

Just damn glad we are relevent once more and hopefully, to the years that will follow.

- 98

Great post!
its funny thinking about bandwagoners..... i have been going to same bar for 4 years now every sunday to watch the ( don't get the games on tv in socal most times) anyways was always there me and friends us two alone no other 9er fans.... then all of sudden this year more and more 9er fan are coming out the woods! lol
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