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Gore ankle injury

Frank is the heart and soul of this team, and has been for years now. Sure, I expect Frank to declare himself "ready" on Sunday morning, even if he doesn't practice much this week. The question isn't whether Frank will answer the bell. He will.

The bigger question is whether the Niner coaches and medical staff, with a 5-game lead in their division, should play an injured-Gore in a mid-season game, especially under sloppy field conditions, and risk exacerbating the injury, such that Frank's capability is diminished for the balance of the season, including playoffs. This club has played smart, extremely well to this point of the season. What is the smart play regarding suiting-up Frank for this one, when he is already significantly "nicked-up"?

Watch for the beat writers reports on who is getting the practice snaps at RB this week.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
He injured it in the 2nd quarter and played through it?


Yyuuuppp. Gore is a tough player, no doubt!
I we should open the game the same way we did against the Eagles. Have Frank come in here and there (to get his 100 yds on 10 carries ) but have Hunter and Dixon take the load.

Can't wait!!!

Goddamn it feels good to be in November and not care at all about next years' draft!
our coach lies and lies.
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our coach lies and lies.

like Belicheat.
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