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This loss falls on the shoulders of the o-line!!!

Since there are so many negatives to talk about tonight, here are some positive notes:

-Tarrell Brown may not be the most consistent cornerback we have on the roster, but he definitely has more speed than I expected. On that PI call, he went step for step with Torrey Smith. If he doesn't tangle up those arms, that's a great defensive play.

-Kendall Hunter runs bigger than his size.

-Bottled up the running game again.

-No major injuries as a result of the game. Hard for a quarterback to get sacked 9 times, hit 10 times and still be able to throw.

-I think teams are starting to fear Dashon Goldson. The Ravens definitely gameplanned around his presence, never throwing to him. At the same time, maybe they saw other weaknesses in the secondary.

-Alex made some great 3rd and long plays. Way to hang in there.
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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Snyder needs to be re-signed. Rachal needs to be let go on the plane ride home.

It was sad seeing Rachal look around as he let the lineman who was right in front of him sack Alex untouched.

god that motherf**ker sucks balls! I really hate him! can they cut him on the flight back?
Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
damn....Anthony Davis looked terrible today...

Yup, his sluggish footwork was exposed tonight and he'll have a target on his back until he can prove otherwise.

As for the loss, it's a good head check and I fully trust that the coaching staff will address the weaknesses that were exposed tonight.

I am thinking that ankle injury he suffered against the Tards is still bothering him.
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
chilo brings great dishonor to the #62 jersey. somewhere in the world, jeremy newberry is shaking his damn head
I really don't think they suck at all. They have been pretty good all year. They were just tired and that was clear. I coach football and I'm telling the world that a tired team will loose to even a lessor but decent team. (I wonder how much play thats gonna get on ESPN.) Rested the 49ers would beat the Ravens. This Thursday game-thing may get changed next year and I bet the league will never admit this game was the reason why.
Not only is Snyder a better G then Rachal, when Adam is in, Davis looks 100% better. I don't know what Snyder is doing, but it really helps Davis.

Even last season, during the Saints game, Snyder was much better.

I honestly think this is the last time we'll see Rachal in a 49ers uniform. Harbaugh benched him for a reason and tonight confirmed it.
Chilo blows! Almost every sack could be traced back to him! And Norris sucked as well.
The Ravens bit back.
agree with everything 1, we were 17% on 3rd downs. Can't call that a positive. If anything you might say our punter remained #1 in NFL and got a lot practice tonight
Great that we lost. Pressure is off on us and more on to Green Bay Packers! This was a damn good lost, and I'm still proud of my 49ers!

At least we got our asses handled in a humble manner.
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Not a bad loss at all imo. We played pretty bad on O and still hung in there for a while. We'll be alright.
The quantity of the third downs were pretty bad, but you have to take into account the fact that the sacks contributed a whole bunch to that. There were a few quality third down plays that should be mentioned (like the 3rd and 18 to Crabtree).
Time to focus on the tards, seachickens and lambs.
bad game. they'd been playing great since Philly before tonight
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