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This loss falls on the shoulders of the o-line!!!

I'm going over the pass plays again... noting them, but for now... it looks to me that we are using more zone blocks, and fellas... it is NOT working out well. We seemed to have gotten away from the ZBS for a while... when we were blocking well... now we seem to be using it more... and our boys SUCK at it. Iupati, Staley, Goodwin, Rachal especially... Davis has done fine so far... (about 12 min. left 2nd quarter)
%1000 agreed, think they'll learn and improve from this tho, not too worried
This loss is on the O-Line, simple as that. They got man handled from start to finish.

Chilo is straight garbage. He made Anthony Davis, whom was starting to put it together, look terrible. It seems that whenever Chilo plays our whole o-line plays horrible.
Undoubtedly the o line was the major reason for this debacle. Without protection we couldn't pass or run. The absolute worst performance I have seen from an o line in recent memory.

And what the hell was Kyle Williams doing one handing a pass that didn't need to be one handed?
Really, really? No kidding einstein. All this loss is confirm what we all know deep inside. The niners are good but not elite just yet. Not enuf speed at the wideout position along wit the fact they are not skilled enuf and they drop passes.. A qb that is good and is a game manager and yes he still has happy feet when there is pressure. A d line and linebacker group that excels against the run but can't put the extreme pressure with 4 down lineman. Let's face it. Baltimore has better players at the skill positions. Oline, d line,
Secondary and especially receivers. Oh and I'll take there qb over our crap qb any day. Alex is a little b***h.
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LOL. We lose and the morons come out from hiding


This X 2
2 words....... CHILO RACHAL
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