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Are we wearing our players out?

Are we wearing our players out?

Originally posted by Sinsation:
that article inteviewing Fangio should give us some insight that he is tracking these things. right now they're just numbers with nothing to compare them to. like mentioned earlier 95% of the defensive snaps doesnt mean 95% of the game. when they are playing well, limiting offenses to <5 play drives, they will be just fine. like its been said, Fangio is a smart guy, he will make sure his guys are in good shape for the post season.

He got fired in Indy partly because he complained about his defense being on the field too long and the offense put them in bad situations. This is when Manning was just starting out and the defense has few talent. Don't worry, he'll let everyone know if it gets to that point

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If, and only IF, the niners get a big lead, like in the Buccaneer games, Ricky Jean Francois, Dobbs, Ian Williams, all should be rotated (if active) to give them valuable playing time and to rest the starters. This is when the team is up by 3 TD's in the 3rd and fourth quarter.

I also think Kilgore and Alex Boone should be rotated in to give them some NFL snaps.

If up by a score similar to the Bucanneers, Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Isaac Sopoaga, Ray McDonald, all should be given breathers.
You can't go by percentage. What you have to go by is amount of plays, becaue the niners are running more the clock is eaten up, the D rest between plays. Also, the more 3 and out you have then the less you play.

99 % If the opp goes the distance from the 20 in 11 plays as opposed to 3-5 plays and out makes a difference.

It also makes a difference if you have the lead and if you can pin your ears back and not worry about the run as much. Plus the opp this year has made their scores on some big plays and not 15-20 play scores.
The O is staying on the field alot more with a pretty damn good running attach. That gives the D time to rest.
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No. But our D is a little thin along the D Line and the D Backs also. So you are in a situation where you must play for a long time.
Last time I checked these are professional athletes and you are suppsosed to be able to go 60 minutes. Also I think the run game success is limiting the ammount of time we are on the field. Finally I think that we are wearing out other teams as the games go on.
Originally posted by KDTMDSFC:

Per Lord Fangio himself...

- 98


I will try to find some stats in regards on how long our defense has to stay on the field.

According to the official NFL stats, the Niners are pretty good so far in average time of possession per game, ranking 11th in the league with an offensive average possession time of 31:07, so about 31 minutes per game out of sixty minutes. That means the defense is on the field about 29 minutes per game right now.

With this number, I think the Niners are in good company, all other teams ranked above the Niners are teams with pretty good offenses who can move the ball like the Saints, Packers and also Eagles, Chargers and Cowboys (I said "move the ball", "not score points when they really need them" )

Well, to be honest, there is also Cleveland above the Niners in that ranking, who are a bit of a statistical anomaly because they got a big recent boost in that category from the stinker Seattle put up against them where Seattle had the ball for only 17 minutes! This early in the season, that skews the numbers significantly and put Seattle right to the bottom with an average of only 24 minutes per game.

To compare that, the top team in average TOP per game last season was San Diego with 33 minutes per game offensive TOP. The Niners last season were ranked near the bottom at 25 with 28:47 TOP per game. So we did really improve there and you could make the argument that the defense should be well rested this season as the offense holds the ball longer.

You can see those for yourself here:

On the other hand, this number does not really tell you that much about how the team played and how the defense was affected. For example, last season the Patriots were ranked just 23rd in TOP per game, two spots above the Niners with a TOP of 29:24. However, they were also the highest-scoring team in the league on average which I think their defense did not really mind . In comparison, the Rams last season had a season TOP per game that was nearly the same as the Niners this season at about 31 minutes, yet our Niners currently outscore the 2010 Rams by about nine points per game (and the current 2011 Rams by about double that )

Those stats are at the same site as mentioned above, just select "2010" from the menu above the stats.

There are also the stats on plays from scrimmage for defensive teams, which could be another indicator about how many snaps the defense has to play. Interestingly, that stat seems to be lower than the 416 snaps mentioned here, those could possibly include snaps wiped out be penalties though which could possibly be ignored in the stats but where obviously the defensive players played a snap. In the rankings of defensive scrimmage plays, the Niners rank 22nd with 385, tied with the Chiefs and Patriots and just above the Ravens. If those stats are correct, it would mean the Niners play comparatively very few snaps on defense and thus should be more rested than other teams.

You can see those for yourself here:

So I would think there is some statistical evidence that our players are well rested, but as always, those stats can be misleading and we will see how the team plays later in the year and how they will hold up then. But I think the early signs should be encouraging and we should not feel uneasy about the workload of our players yet
Oh, I also forgot: I think someone was worried about the amount of touches Gore might get and whether we should limit his workload more.

Well if you extrapolate his current 109 carries over a 16-game season, he would get around 290 carries, his second-highest amount since his 2006 season. That 2006 season coincidentally was also the last season Gore played in all 16 games and it was also his record-setting season with 1695 rushing yards. So his current pace would put him relatively close to his 2006 mark in carries, (although admittedly still about a full game behind in carries) which would be high for him, but still below the "300 carry"-mark which is seen as critical for running backs.

So a slight reduction in carries might be alright, but even with his current pace, it would no be critical. If they limit his carries to around 15 like the Niners did against the Eagles and the Lions, he would project to around 260 carries, which should keep him fresh enough for an extended playoff run, I think
Our games are close. How can we rest them if we have to be up first?
Seattle only had 17 minutes of offense against the Browns?

And the Browns still only won by 3?!
Thanks NoOffseason! Interesting stats. According to Fangio the D is fine and not overworked. They are getting three and outs which boosts the number of possession changes but gives them rest between. Would like to see some rotation with younger guys so hope for blowouts.

Harbaugh's training camp seems to have helped the team get into really good shape and even the DLine is chasing guys all over the field from start to finish. Really enjoyed J Smith causing a fumble, down field, at the end of the game! Great stuff.
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