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Joe Montana has a career passer rating of 127.8 in his four Super Bowl appearances. His Super Bowl stats: 83 completions on 122 attempted pass for 1,142 yards and 11 touchdowns. In playing and winning four Super Bowl championships, Montana never once threw an interception.

- 98
In 1987 Jerry Rice scored 22 TDs in only 12 games.
the 49ers are 19-14-1 in overtime games

steve deberg went 7-28 as a starting QB.
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Jerry Rice's nickname was "Falsh 80 "and "FiFi" (due to his hair style)
In the Niners 13-3 Superbowl winning season in 1981 they started the year 1-2 against 3 teams that didn't make the playoffs.
the 49ers are the oldest major professional sports team in California. Baseball would not show up until the 50's and Basketball and Hockey would not come to the state until the 60's.
In 1994, Dexter Carter set an NFL record by becoming the only ever player to record at least one touch and one all purpose yard in 17 regular season games and did this by playing for the New York Jets before their bye week and being signed by the 49ers after their bye week.

Sadly, Carter fumbled the record in 1995.
That Mooch was supposed to come in as OC in '97, but Seifert retired, so the Niners just gave the job to him
Alex Smith is the only 49ers QB to take every single snap at QB for an entire single season.

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Alex Smith is the only 49ers QB to take every single snap at QB for an entire single season.

Did you know that 1984 49ers defense gave up the fewest points and all the starting defensive backs(Lott, Williamson, Right and Dwight Hicks) were selected for the pro-bowl?
Only six 49ers have four Super bowl rings of the five won. Montana, Lott, Wilson, Wright, Turner, and Sapolu.
Frank Gore after Week 3: 50 carries, 393 yards, three touchdowns. That's nearly 8 yards per run.

I do not know if it's factual, but I hear that Jerry was coaxed into playing football by his high school principal. Story goes Jerry was cuttin class and bolted upon being spotted. Amazed by his speed his principal cut a deal by omitting any punishment in exchange that Jerry tried out for the team. Once again, I have no proof of this and I apoligize...I just vividly remember reading it from a Troy Aikman/Jerry Rice "get to know the stars" book in elementary school. Thought it was interesting.
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