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Who should start if we clinch playoffs?

Who should start if we clinch playoffs?

The title of this thread needs to be changed to "Who should start the last regular season game(s) if we clinch playoffs. I wouldn't mind seeing Kaepernick getting some game time in the last game against the Rams if there were no playoff implications.
I blame this thread on the bye week.
Tolzien, But you should really reword your thread so the Alex supporters don't get their panties in a bunch
Do you mean start the remainder of the season games if we make the playoffs before the season ends? Or do you mean, start in the playoff games?

Alex should start in the playoffs - period! If we win the division bveofre the season ends then let Alex play a half each game and let Kap play the other half. Personally, I'd like to see tolzien get a lot of reps.
We still have like 10 games to play. Relax.
Start Jim Harbaugh.
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Trade Tolzien for Tebow and start Tebow.
Start the starters but put reserves in early. Don't want rust in the playoffs. I'm hoping that during this week off the rookies have been able to get some good practice. If they are needed they will need as much work as possible.
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Where you at Prime? why start a retarded thread then disappear? stand up for your thread, defend it lol
It's been awhile since we've been a contender you got to be a little more clear.

If nothing is at stake then yeah you bench Alex and let Kaep play, but keep in mind we could be fighting for a bye or home field all 17 weeks.

If we have a chance to clinch a bye, I doubt they rest anyone. If we are locked into our position and do not look to change, I would bet that Harbaugh gives both Kap and Tolzien some reps.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Trade Tolzien for Tebow and start Tebow.

that would be somewhat ironic, since Tebow is famous for being a devout follower of Tolzien.
First of all, it is a playoff "berth".

Second, the rest of the NFC West took the pipe this weekend so the Niners are one step closer to the division title.

Third, if we make the playoffs it probably means that Alex Smith stayed healthy and he has been the starter all year. He starts in the playoff game if we make it that far.
You guys must be the dumbest a-holes Ive ever had to deal with. Do you seriously think I would want to bench Alex in the actual playoffs? If we clinch a playoff berth, we can still have at least one regular season game left where it would be risky to let any of our starters play, this can become a virtual bye week reminiscent of 94-95 when we tanked a game to the Vikings right before the playoffs began. Im almost ashamed to be rooting for the same team as you lame a$$ F*cks.
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