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Niners vs Packers NFC Championship game

Too early to tell, but I think the Niners will go all the way. Do you like Niners at Packers NFC Champ game?

I really think this is gonna be it and you know what, we are going to the big game!!

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Lock it up before the jinx sets in!
Its nice to be optimistic but I am taking this one game at a time this year. I am not thinking ahead at all. Its toooooo early in the season to be thinking playoffs and especially NFC Championship games. If so I want the Packers of course. Want to be the best then you got to beat the best.
Ahead of ourselves, we are getting.

Wise, this is not.
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Well, we'll probably only have to win one playoff game--at home--to get there.
Slow your roll holmes.
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what the fuk?!! it's only week 6 y'all are jinxing this! stop!

Originally posted by DRnSFw:
what the fuk?!! it's only week 6 y'all are jinxing this! stop!

At least they are jinxing it with eloquent, well thought-out threads.
I love your enthusiasm ..but we have a LONG WAY TO GO
Jinxing it? Pffsshhtt...if anything, it's increased the chances of facing the Packers in the post-season. And then, lose to them in a close game. That'll teach them to mess with us!
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Would love to go into Greenbay and beat them. All those loses in the past to Favre led team this would be sweet if it could happen.
Now that we are at it, I will be rooting for Aaron Rodgers to personally do well, while wanting his team to lose.
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