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Media and the 49ers

at least we're ranked above the ravens.
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Green Bay

Thats who I think will be in the playoffs

I agree. I think the Lions will fade, especially without Best . . . but even if he comes back.

ya, even if best
I can buy that except for the lions. Lions probably don't make the playoffs.
Them crazy, Canucks
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I can't stop watching this..... hahahahaha
Only problem I have with it is the Lions - we beat them at their own place so - come on man - what are you thinking.
The Vancouver 49ers

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My dream is that we meet the Chicago Bears in the playoffs... and beat the f**k out of them. Then win a super bowl :)
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Originally posted by verb1der:

I can't stop watching this..... hahahahaha

Damn dudes head smacked the pavement haaaard.
Agree with the latest power rankings? There's no debate that the Niners are the second-best team in the NFC.
I don't think people appreciate what Alex is doing this season. It doesn't matter if it is the system or the calls or whatever. Bottom line is our passing attack is a threat. You can't stack the box because we will take that from you. We are completely willing to throw deep or playpass or whatever. I think the key is because our passing is so efficient teams MUST defend it. This helps the run game tremendously. We have also shown that we will pass from ANY formation or run from ANY formation. in some ways this is very west coast. Hopefully nobody figures this out until it is too late.
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