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Smith vs Rogers (2011 NFC Championship Game)

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What would happen if Smith beat Rogers in the NFC Championship game?? Would he bury all the "Should have drafted Rogers post"?? Would he have finally got that "Aaron Rogers monkey" off his back?? I know its way to early for this and we still have a lot of work to get there, but its just something I had on my mind. No one better to chit chat about it then the amazing people of the zone. Just imagine that outcome!!! Lol.
let us revisit this in the playoffs, shall we?
The noobs are Coming out lately. At least the threads are better than when we lose.
I think it would help. but Rodgers has a ring. Smith would need to get one of those.
if it were to happen, it wouldnt matter, rodgers is just the better qb who should have been picked. alex is making good strides but even beating rodgers once even in a playoff game doesnt take away from the fact that rodgers is the better qb.
Man, can we at least focus on the next game?
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