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Winning TD vs Detroit (Video taken by a fan at the game)

"Oh no, oh no...this is so stupid"

Ha Ha

Great Find
LOL that's great. Love how quiet it got after the touchdown!!!

"oh no. oh no. oh no. stupid. so stupid."

I feel their souls crushing in LOL
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do us a favor and become a lions fan. Your posts will be well respected on their board.
He sounded like he wanted to throw up after that.
Pretty narrow view... sort like looking through a keyhole.

Is it wrong that I find so much joy in watching their disappointment?
Tigers hat knows we're "# 1". lol
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LOL i can just feel his heart drop and i LOVE IT
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I love the guy flipping off the 49ers as they're celebrating in the endzone! sweet!
Originally posted by RedRazor

That was awesome. Thnx for sharing.
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