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Winning TD vs Detroit (Video taken by a fan at the game)

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"Oh no, oh no...this is so stupid"

Ha Ha

Great Find
LOL that's great. Love how quiet it got after the touchdown!!!

"oh no. oh no. oh no. stupid. so stupid."

I feel their souls crushing in LOL
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do us a favor and become a lions fan. Your posts will be well respected on their board.
He sounded like he wanted to throw up after that.
Pretty narrow view... sort like looking through a keyhole.

Is it wrong that I find so much joy in watching their disappointment?
Tigers hat knows we're "# 1". lol
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LOL i can just feel his heart drop and i LOVE IT
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I love the guy flipping off the 49ers as they're celebrating in the endzone! sweet!
Originally posted by RedRazor

That was awesome. Thnx for sharing.
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