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Back-up plan at QB?

If (and hopefully it never happens), Alex Smith gets hurt...would you be comfortable with the rookie Kaepernick (or Tolzien) as QB now that we've got a great shot at winning the division and doing some serious damage in the playoffs? I wouldn't. I've been thinking about this more after seeing the Raiders now suddenly in this position and with the trade deadline coming tomorrow. Their fans were starting to think about their playoff chances improving with each win with Campbell at, Boller's going to step in?

I'm pro-Smith and most of all, I'm pro-49ers. But in the big picture, Smith getting injured this year is a concern after seeing so much talent and potential come out of this team each week under Harbaugh. I like what Smith is doing as QB in running this system, but despite him being pretty tough he does take some good hits (already has had a concussion) the NFL, anything can happen at any given moment. What about us looking for more quality/experienced depth at QB before the trade deadline? I've heard Denver's QB Orton could be available...he would be a great backup-turned-starter should something happen to Smith. Orton seems to play well when asked to play within his capabilities (like Smith). Or, any other ideas as the team continues to get better each week in further learning both the O and D systems?
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Comfortable? Of course not. But I'd say the same thing about most teams in that situation.
kill this thread
I don't even want to think about this scenario.
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kill this thread

with fire, it might be a jinx.
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Kaep steps in.

We sign another QB.

What else is there?
"Kill this thread?" It's a good question, especially now with this team showing the potential it has been w/out even playing its best, without even having all the O and D play calls incorporated, etc. Each week, they'll get better and better under this coaching staff and as they continue to get deeper into the playbooks...we can do some serious damage this year...we need a capable backup to step right in. The Raiders are looking at Kyle Boller right now - are you kidding me?
Tolzien would lead us to super bowl championships.

seriously delete this thread.
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he has more posts than you...

automatic -100 post count demerit for this thread
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seriously delete this thread.

Can you be serious in telling me nobody is giving this further thought? Look at our team right now, the track we're on, the potential...this is the NFL, anything can happen. I may be newer to this board (I'm not a blogger, poster, whatever you call it...this board is very entertaining though and I do get some worthwhile 49er info here on occasion - I've been a die-hard Niner fan since the mid-70's, so I know it's before a lot of many posters here were even born)
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This thread is full of them
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