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Every Around the Horn Panelist Took Schwartz's side.

Shwartz is a tool, and if the lions won, would he apologize for mocking harbaugh on the challenge, I think not.
Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
Paige, Plaschke, Cowlishaw, MacMullin. They all said Harbaugh was way out of line and agreed with Schwartz that there is a "protocol." One of the panelists said he had never seen one coach be so dismissive of another coach in the post-game handshake.


Harbaugh almost broke his hand and gave him a hearty backslap!

That is like that most involved and engaged handshake evar!!!!

Any other HC would have jizzed his pants for getting such manly attention from Harbaugh.
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Woody's the bomb, these guys have no idea what happened during the game. Calishaw, Plaschke, are just big time hypocrits. Schwartz RAN after Harbaugh because of his team... Harbaugh was cheering and enjoying the moment for his team. Yeah clearly these guys know what their talking about.
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