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Which 49ers will make the pro bowl?

1. Frank gore: second leading rusher in the NFC and could finish as number 1.
2. Patrick Willis/navarro bowman: both in the top 5 in tackling in the NFC
3. Vernon Davis: if he gets double digits in TDs
4.Justin or aldon smith: depending on their sack totals
5. Carlos Rodgers: has been making big plays and big INTs.

Idk how many will make the pro bowl but I have a feeling both our ILBs will.
andy lee
I would definitely add Andy Lee and David Akers to your list of possibilities. If there wasnt that guy named Hester, I'd add Ginn too.
Justin Smith
Andy Lee
David Akers
Frank Gore
Vernon Davis
Patrick Willis
Carols Rogers

I'm probably missing some people but that's a solid group.
None of the Niners are making it because were going to the Superbowl
Add Ray McDonald 2 the mix
Yea Andy lee for sure, if gore continues to run like this I might have to throw iiupati on there
Bob Lange
For sure? Patrick and Andy

Likely? Justin Smith, Akers and Iupati

Maybe? NaVorro, Vernon, Frank, Rogers, McDonald, Ginn and Aldon

Unlikely, but possible? Alex, Whitner, Delanie, Staley, and Goldson
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Bob "Clubber" Lange


1. Andy Lee - pretty much a lock.
2. Patrick Willis - Best ILB in the league.
3. Novarro Bowman - Playing lights out
4. Justin Smith - A non stop motor at DE
5. Ray Mac- the guy is playing well, under the radar.
6. Aldon Smith - If this hot streak continues, he might be leading the league in sacks at seasons end!
7. Ahmad Brooks - Playing great football and stout in all phases of the game.
8. Carlos Rogers- Playing at a HIGH level.
9. Dashon Goldson - Everyone is taking notes on his hard hits and command of the defense.
10. Frank Gore - If this keeps up, he will make his 3rd pro bowl.
11. Vernon Davis - Needs to be featured more, but definitely has been a top 5 the last couple years.
12. Iupati - Alot of people consider him a top guard in just his second year.
13. Staley/Davis - Staley is probably the more consistent, but Anthony Davis is playing great football and the league is noticing.
14. Ted Ginn JR - As a returner, he and Hester should be locks.

Not saying that all of these players will make it, but they will defintely be considered by seasons end. If we keep playing like this and end up with homefield advantage I dont see why half these guys if not MOST of this list does not make it.. Top end teams usually send 8+ guys it seems like
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1. Lee
2. Willis
3. Gore
4. Bowman
5. Rogers
6. Ted Gin

I don`t know if people will vote in Ray Mac, or Brooks.
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I think Aldon will be in the conversation by years end.
Nobody, players on the superbowl teams don't play in the probowl.
Andy Lee
Patrick Willis
Vernon Davis
Mike Iupati
Justin Smith
Frank Gore
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