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Harbaugh Handshake with Jim Schwartz

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Heres Harbaugh's new "what's your deal?!" rivalry! lmao.

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Schwartz was pissing me off the whole game! i hate how he reacts when his team scores, now he knows how it feels! acting like his team never lost a game in 5 years!, . He also mad because the niners threw a left and right hook for a touchdown.
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What was wrong with that? he celebrated up to schwartz then shook his hand then kept it moving. It wasn't like Harbaugh pointed and laughed in his face. Schwartz was being a poosy!

Originally posted by OregonNiner87:

Love it!!!
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always hated schwartzs rat face. he just LOOKS like a prick!

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Well at least we will get some coverage now...after that

damn harbs does not want to make friends with anyone, i love it

My money is on Harbaugh!

WAAAAA WAAAA!!! CRYBABY SHwartz , F DETROIT!!! ur town is a dump anyways LOL
should be interesting press conferences!
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damn harbs does not want to make friends with anyone, i love it
I love it
Whats your deal!!!!? Lmfao!
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