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What highlight on ESPN would you most want to see after a Niner win this Sunday?

What highlight on ESPN would you most want to see after a Niner win this Sunday?

Can't remember the last time I've been this amped over a Niner game. Sad to say maybe our last playoff game. Having dreams about this one and in my wildest one, all of the above happens. I admit though, Dashon putting a WOO-hit on CJ tops my wishlist. Harbaugh: "Lay in the weeds and sharpen our knives." It'll be a tough game, but THIS filthy Niner team has a shot.
Megatron is my favorite player that's not on the niners. But I would have to say seeing him get blown up by Goldson.
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I'd LOVE to see Stafford get crunched and knocked out of the game by one of our D-line players...Hopefully one of the "Smith Brothers" knocks his a$$ out!!!
you forgot one - all of the above.
How about Harbaugh's victory speech

Originally posted by overthemiddle:
you forgot one - all of the above.

That's EXACTLY what I was going to say!
A "W" Next To Our Scoreboard
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Running Game trashing the heart of their team! Their D Line!!!!!!!!!
Vernon has a 3 td game
I had to pick Megatron TKO.

But I would rather to see Suh get pancaked! Not gonna happen, I know.
A "W" on the Scoreboard.... after that tho, YES to the rest
The fact that "Megatron getting KTFO by Dashon Goldson" is leading by a mile tells you alot about "the majority" on this message board
Smith with the game winning 20 yard bootleg
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I'd be happy with them at least showing the damn score! I could care less about highlights.
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