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Names for the Offensive Line...

Originally posted by gamechanger:

Margarine -

Because, "I can't believe it's not butter.."
SMB sorry my bad
The Fat Useless Pieces of S**ts
How about "The Monroes", because everybody is running through them.
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Express lane
1. The Underachievers
2. The untouchables
THE BROWN BAG O .L. hide your faces....just for fun!
How about........."HOLEY" MOLEY!!
Call them "The Wet Noodle Brigade".

How about "The Push Overs"...
The "Sieve Six"...
  1. The Oh-s**t Line
  2. The OMG Line
  3. The Punch-Line
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Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
The Kwame Harris experience

I wonder if we can petion the league to let our whole offensive line wear #77. It would save the refs from having to call a penalty on the entire line, they could just say penalty #77. And let's face it, as 49ers fan - we are ALL very used to hearing "False start #77"!
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