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Names for the Offensive Line...

Red Carpet Rollouts
Originally posted by susweel:

This - 1st prize!!!
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Broken Fence
Beef Curtains
Originally posted by Axl49:
Broken Fence


Free-TOLL- o-laaaaay
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The New Kids Off The Block
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"The Whiff Brothers"
"The 13th men on Defense"
Originally posted by Natewillis2252:
Three and a half men.......

Fools' Gold

Red Rover East Team, The Big Red Plume, Blood Money, The Big Red Open House.....hell i dunno
After You

This is a polite phrase that you say to tell someone that they can go before you. Use it when you're holding a door open for someone, or when you're a 49er offensive lineman.
Originally posted by blm7754:
Lol, we all know Chilo isn't even counted... but who is the half?

lol Davis for sure but i might have to change the name if Staley keeps playing like a turd, maybe three men and a lil lady
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The Red carpet?
The Autobahn.
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