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Man it is getting tiresome having someone have a career game against us game after game

I kinda like it.
Okdkid, i hope you are talking about throwing quick hitters and not A.Dalton having a career day.
What I would really like to see manana, is fangio come out and blitz every DB or CB that can't cover( oh, that's everybody?), and blitz and then blitz dalton some more and make him have a CAREER day... 6 for 24, 3 INTs, 2 fumbles, 4 false starts, and a 17.6 QB rating . That would make me feel a helluva lot better to pin a career day on someone else. And Cincy would be a grand place to start. Oh, and JH would have to content himself with throwing quick slants and outs all day long, interspersed with occasional runs and a few deep balls.
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Okdkid, i hope you are talking about throwing quick hitters and not A.Dalton having a career day.

The dude has played 2 games in his life. Having a "career day" isn't exactly a big deal.
Ok Krizay, here it comes. I was stupid to think that JH would come out and throw quick one step passes, and move the box 8 back to a 4-3 or 3-4. Actually first play of game was a quick hitter, one stepper, went for 6 yds, and then completely disappeared from the gameplan. You were right, I was wrong. I was absolutlely certain that JH would go dinks and dunks until the box 8 moved back. As it was all runs were into a box 8, hence the 2.2 yds/ carry gore, and 2.9 yds/ carry Hunter. How could I ever have thot that our HC would do something as logical as throw dinks and dunks, one steppers all, instead of 5-7 step drops, most of which were doomed from the outset. That said, alex did look good once out of the box, esp. the throwback across the field to vernon for 20 yds. But most of those 3,5, 7 steppers just got creamed by the box 8. Why oh why did i think jH woud do the right thing? Man , Kriz, I must really be stupid.

All in all we won, hunter was the spark and if he doesn't get a lot of playing time something is rotten in 9erland, contracts be damned. Most boring game between two really icky teams for most of game, and as predicted, we either had to throw short to score, or D had to score or ST had to score. Well D didn't score, but they did pull it out for us, altho I wonder if Dalton thot his team's jersey's were red and gold. Have to say altho we gave up some passes, D did its job in the end, esp our weak links, DB and CB...with a pair of Dalton assists. Aside from that, JH needs to recognize our box 8 liability , which we cannot run on, and we sure as hell can't get off a pass against it. Wow, that was exciting right down to finish with Lee running around in end zone, for safety with 2 secs left. A good call, only could have been made better by offensive line holding penalty, with 15 yds , and then hike the ball and take a knee. Still it was neat. Good for JH, good for Vernon, good for Hunter, good for alex in rollout, (not in pocket) , good for Akers, Lee, and WRs who bagged a couple more catches. Good for L side OL who opened up huge hole for Hunter's nice run, which got us going. Right now, HUnter was the spark and box 8 beat gore all day. C'mon coach, let's throw quick hitters until DLs move back to 4-3 or 3-4. Boring for 57 minutes and then exciting. Sheesh. Kriz, my apology, you were right.
Is our HC having a hard time recognizing box 8 or does he have a mysterious plan to play against it all yr like we did the last 5?
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