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49ers calling for a RED OUT Sunday vs the Cowboys

or ?

for me
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Good idea. Half the stadium is gonna be blue anyway..very patriotic.

- 98
Crowd better show up man. I have a feeling you'll see an even amount of blue vs red though.
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Hopefully this isn't the kind of red out we see @ Candlestick:

Don't these "Red outs" or White outs (Penn-State), black outs, or whatever color, don't they always backfire?? I DON'T wanna lose to Dallas this time

Originally posted by KDTMDSFC:

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I would like to see them do a "Gold-Out" Has there ever been something like that? I think that would be more appropriate then an average "Red-Out."
Meh, don't care for the "Red out" because I know tons of Cowgirl fans that will be there this weekend. But what is intriguing, is the fact I could shake hands with Dwight Clark :O and get his autograph. Tempting.
Half the stadium will Not be blue. Maybe 25-30% though. If this game was later in the season, not that many cowpuke fans would show up. All fair weather, bandwagon fans, say their team is 3-6 or something, much like last year, they barely show up for home games, much less road games.
i think its cool, but knowing our fans, the old people won't even get the news and will wear their jeans and dress shirt
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