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Majority of the webzone wanted Ginn cut !!!

I'm pretty sure he is worthy of a roster spot.
majority? What? Who?
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I never heard anyone calling for his head.

He was the MVP today. Game was won by defense and special teams.
I considered it, shame on me!!
Not me
Kevin Lynch mentioned DURING the game that he didn't like Ginn as a returner, even after one of his long returns....what a goof troop.
I still think he's soft...but he saved us today
he's not going anyplace
There are some haters im sure but the more knowledgeable fans know what we had in him before today.
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based on this game...he's worth 5 roster spots lol

He may never be that receiver that the Dolphin's drafted him to be, but he is an awesome return man!
Only morons wanted him cut.
Opponents will be game planning for him.
I didn't think we would see many returns because of the new rule, I was so-so on keeping him.....glad he is still a 9er.
I always thought he was a good return guy, but not a schooled receiver. Now I think he's a Devin Hester clone. Course Seattle has terrible special teams.
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