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What jersey will you be wearing tomorrow?

I will be sporting my red Joe Montana jersey. How bout you guys?
Nothing tomorrow while at home.

Crabtree Jersey on monday as I rub it in teh faces of everyone at work that we won.
I need to get a new jersey sometime soon, and I plan on it being a throwback Steve Young jersey.

For now, I'll be wearing my old #5 Jeff Garcia jersey.
Gore home throwback
Wearing a jersey to watch a game at home ?
none! my gameday superstition is if I wear a jersey on game day, the team loses
Willis @the 'Stick
s**t guys, #4 ANDY LEE, CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk, Willis, Home new #52 Willis authentic jersey.

Crabtree Jersey, Red
alex smith white authentic
Gore throwback. Don't really like the throwbacks but wanna go with Gore and he' s not one that I have in the current uni's.
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