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Scott Tolzien is a Niner

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Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
cool. Practice squad?

No. When you claim a guy off waivers, he has to go onto the 53 man.

really? what about McBLT. they just signed him to the PS.

He cleared waivers and the Niners signed him to the PS. Tolzien didn't clear waivers, since the Niners put a claim in on him. Two different things.

oh, gotcha.

strange, strange decision. Smith and 2 rookie QB's? hmmmm.....

It's the same thing the Cards did last year and look how good that worked out. Oh wait never mind
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Originally posted by susweel:
Kaperpick already being replaced. Lol

agree, hope he'll be ready by the 6th game.....
Awesome surprise. Looked good in preseason and Matt M, whose judgement I trust, was high on him throughout the combine as an underrated QB prospect. Cut one of those "special teams only" guys to make room. Party on, Wayne.
Clearly it will be VERY hard for him to contribute this season. But he looked like the real deal in that San Diego game -- yes, it was against 3rd stringers -- but he had pocket presense, moved from pressure, made quick reads, good foot work, accurate strong arm. I'll bet JH and Baalke thought, WOW, now that looks like the real deal. Give him next off season in the system and he could compete for starting spot. (I know, I'm way ahead of myself! LOL)
Kristick getting the ax?
Originally posted by lonneybyrd:
Originally posted by btthepunk:
I wonder who will be cut for him. I think theyre big on Colin Jones so I dont think it will be him. I'm thinking Tukuafu or Kristick.

Probably Kristic I think he is Psquad eligible!

I'd always assumed teams have to cut someone immediately after a signing that puts them over the 53-player mark. Why isn't that the case here? Or have they just not announced, or perhaps it's becauseTolzien hasn't officially signed.
Originally posted by jreff22:
preseason stud, I wouldn't get to worked up over this guy right now

Well, he is more NFL ready than Kaep, since he played under center at Wisconsin and was extremely accurate in college (75% completion)... not to mention he won the Unitas Award last year. He also through a touchdown in the pre-season, something Kaep didn't do with all his game time.

Not saying this guy will be great, but he did look good, so he is another talent to develop.
Originally posted by rserda:
Can't be worse than kaepernick

some of you guys are too damn fickle-minded wishy-washy...a true sign that there is a Lack of Football intelligence and not being stabled-minded, might as well be riding the screaming eagle roller coaster up and down...Colin WILL be a star in this league and ON this TEAM .some of you guys are Fence riders; whenever a player has a bad throw or bad game you are ready to get rid of him...let me ask you a question,you have bad days at what would you think if you heard your boss or family or co-workers saying the things you say about the players...problem here is you guys have no paitence and DESIRE instant-gratification
Excellent. The guy's accuracy was amazing Thursday, which could be very good in a West Coast offense.

And if they REALLY need a vet QB - well, McCown is a phone call away.
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Tolzien looked legit and we were pressuring him a ton. He should light a fire under colin's ass to get his s**t together. No free rides for him either. I'm still patient with colin but this kid already looks better. He can fit the ball in tight windows, doesn't completely stare down receivers like colin, and gets the ball out quickly under pressure.

i don't dislike kap but take a look at tolziens accuracy. that is what's most important in the WCO. good pickup and worth the gamble
Actually, with CK's poor pre-season, I wonder if they would risk putting him on the PS if a true veteran QB comes available. Then the roster would be AS, Veteran, Tolzein, and CK on PS??
Makes sense to me.

Until we know for sure we have "the guy" at QB I think we have to give ourselves the most opportunities possible to find "the guy."

Kaep was my second favorite QB in the draft (after Locker) and I'm still very excited about his future.

But sometimes the guys who are "more pro ready" but have "limited upside" actually make the transition and do much better in the NFL.

It's like instead of just buying one lotto ticket, we bought two. TWICE THE CHANCES!
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Kristick getting the ax?

Is this official? I would guess one of the DL.
Originally posted by fly15:
Originally posted by susweel:
Kaperpick already being replaced. Lol

agree, hope he'll be ready by the 6th game.....

Another year the niners did an Epic Fail at addressing the qb position.

Just more of the same with Baalke, he was taught well by his former boss McClueless.

Good god we are screwed again.
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