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Scott Tolzien is a Niner

Originally posted by Tru2RedNGold25:
move aside Smith..........real gunslinger from SD is coming 2 town

He had a nice cheering crowd here so I know (most) of the board is really excited. I like him as well, but I thought we needed a veteran back there to go with Kaep. Now we got another rookie who has to learn another brand new system all over again.

That being said, next year he could compete for the backup job and I think he can be a very solid backup NFL QB.
is he going to wear no. 16?
Kaperpick already being replaced. Lol
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Who do we cut to make room for him?
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Exhibition passing stats
Tolzien: 25 of 40 (62.5 percent) for 302 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception, rating 83.5.
Kaepernick: 24 of 50 (48 percent) for 257 yards, no TDs, 5 interceptions, rating 23.9.
Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Comes from a more traditional offense from Wisconsin

played against a higher level of competition in the Big Ten

More developed right now than Colin Kaepernick

He can be our Marc Bulger of the future.

Played under center at Wisconsin
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
that means tukuafu, Jones, or Constanzo might be going to PS

Costanzo is not PS eligible. More likely it will be Jones, Person or possibly Tukafu.
preseason stud, I wouldn't get to worked up over this guy right now
Wow this doesn't bode well for Kap. Tolzien looked really good against us and Kap has looked horrible for us. Either way I really like this situation, we have a lot of potential now at the QB position.

Originally posted by susweel:
Kaperpick already being replaced. Lol

I like the idea of three QB's developing. One of these guys will become decent. CK, Tolz, or thompson I don't care who.
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
cool. Practice squad?

No. When you claim a guy off waivers, he has to go onto the 53 man.

really? what about McBLT. they just signed him to the PS.

He cleared waivers and the Niners signed him to the PS. Tolzien didn't clear waivers, since the Niners put a claim in on him. Two different things.

oh, gotcha.

strange, strange decision. Smith and 2 rookie QB's? hmmmm.....
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> kap
Originally posted by btthepunk:
I wonder who will be cut for him. I think theyre big on Colin Jones so I dont think it will be him. I'm thinking Tukuafu or Kristick.

Probably Kristic I think he is Psquad eligible!
QB Scott Tolzien "thrilled" to be moving up the coast to join the 49ers' 53-man roster.
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