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What was Jeff Garcia's early career with the 49ers like?

Originally posted by TexasNiner:
Basically this. He has a steep but quick learning curve. At first, he seemed over his head. It was kind of sink or swim. But he adjusted quickly, and as he found a way to make his skills match the NFL game, he played at a very high level.

Unfortunately, by that time we were so spoiled with HOF QBs, that we took it for granted and even looked down on it as he couldn't do what Joe or Steve could do. But he made the most of what he had and was a very solid QB.

If we had held on to him instead of blowing up the team (or even if we had to blow up part of it because of "salary cap hell", we would have been much more successful and probably way farther along with rebuilding the franchise to greatness. A good QB covers a lot of other weaknesses. Having the scrub parade at QB since then, combined with rebuilding so many other positions has really hurt us badly. I'm not saying we would have been a SB contender, but the rebuild would have gone much faster and better with a legit QB leading the way and/or teaching the next rookie/project how to succeed at the NFL level.

Instead we went with Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, etc.... and have sucked ever since.
Yes, I was pretty angry when they didn't re-up Garcia. It was then (along with the firing of Mooch) that many of us knew long, dark days were ahead.
He beat the Titans and everyone wanted him to start.
FYI, Tim Ryan played golf with him and apparently "he's ripped,"
Great quarter back but sucked at da deep ball. Da end.
Originally posted by OptimusPrime52:
i can sum up garcias career in 2 words.

ugly & effective

Was horrible when he had to take over for Young. Things clicked and was what many refer to as a gamer ugly passes, ugly games, yet the Niners always came out on top.

Was funny when TO called him gay ends up marrying very hot former playboy playmate.
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Garcia was great. He was an ultimate competitor. The only thing was towards the end of his 49er stint, T.O. Called him a homo, and he was never the same. But Garcia was just 3inches short on a throw to T.O. in the playoffs one year and that cost us the game. He had great moments at Candlestick. But the one thing that stuck out in my mind was that throw in the playoffs, I think it was against the falcons when they went to the superbowl, he thru a deep ball to Owens that was like 3 inches underthrown. That's the closet he got to the Superbowl.

If I recall correctly, I think that may have been against Green Bay....but don't quote me.

The other posters are correct...the year Atlanta went to the show was the year the Niners lost Garrison on the first play. Young was the QB.
I remember him getting benched and the next week against Cincy he came out and threw for over 400 yards in the snow. Boy had grit!!
Originally posted by rigs49:
He beat the Titans and everyone wanted him to start.

haha i totally remember that game. eddie george stuffed at the goal line
Originally posted by cortana49:
I remember him coming into games and wild-eyed doing what he could to move the ball. I remember once he was about to get sacked and he flung the ball over his shoulder down the field. I busted out laughing, but could tell he would be a baller. He was my favorite Niner at the time (next to Hearst)... even bought his jersey. He was bad at first, but you could see he would adjust and do well... and he did.

I remember watching that. It was his 3rd or 4th start. Eventhough he did that and played like crap most of that year I remember him throwing for 350 or 365 yards against the Bengals. Something we haven't seen in a certain QB.

Jeff was awesome here, played with a lot of heart. No Montana or Young. But he ran the WCO well. The last QB we have had here who produced on the field.
He looked like nothing, but had amazing touch and accuracy, and extended every play he possibly could with his legs even though he wasn't a great running athlete. It was all heart and guts with him.

Later in his career with us, he became too quick to run out of the pocket, and it really stifled his ability. After "jumping around" with a few teams who said he had "happy feet", he found his groove again with the Bucs and Eagles.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by rigs49:
He beat the Titans and everyone wanted him to start.

haha i totally remember that game. eddie george stuffed at the goal line

I was at that game. I remember thinking "We can do this without Steve!"

We only won 1 more game that year.
jrg was bant
Originally posted by aman49:
jrg was bant

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