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Aldon Smith update 8/9/11

Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
You talk up the players doing poorly while talking down the ones who are tearing it up out there. This is known as strategy.

I think Fangio just doesn't hand out the praises that often. He talks down everyone, doesn't rip them, but doesn't gas them up either. I like it.
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Originally posted by btthepunk:
Originally posted by 5280High:
Fangio must of noticed Aldon's hands were on his hips...the #1 incator of a player not picking up the scheme fast enough.

Where is the hands on the hips thing coming from? Ive seen it in a few threads now.

Argument of the year

Scroll down to the picture of Aldon

Originally posted by crabman82:
just for comparisons sake, patrick peterson is running with the 2nd team, aj jefferson (who?) is running with the first team

...and Patrick Willis wasn't officially a starter until AFTER the final preseason game. I think that turned out OK...even though he routinely has his hands on his hips.
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Originally posted by Boomer49:
That is very possible but I wouldn't categorize that as being a beast either. I'm not gonna have high expectations for the team this year only high hopes.

Assault? What kind of powder puff crap is that? We want one man gang raping of QB's.

There, I said it.
hating ass ppl on this board ... smh
Originally posted by Boomer49:
Here we go with this crap again !!!! It seems like every year people want to claim are 1st round draft pick is a bust when we haven't even played a preseason game. Of course he is gonna have some trouble !!! 1. He's a rookie 2. He's learning a new position 3. We've been stuck in a lockout

I don't think anyone claimed Mike Iupati or Patrick Willis were busts.
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