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Please, post all the game day happenings here. ALL reactions and observations from the game go here. However, if you have something like an end of quarter analysis thread you would like to post go ahead and make it it's own thread. Please make sure someone didn't beat you to it before you post it.

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INFO: When? Sunday, January 1, 2011

Where? St. Louis, MO

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Go 9ers!
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Let's get that #2 seed.
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We'll shut them out with our backups
Oh yeah I'm new to this board, this is my 3rd post lmao
Win with no more injuries while resting all those guys who are injured. Possibly weeding Gore/Justin Smith out as the game progresses. That's all that is on my mind.
CUT EM UP!!!!!
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Hopefully Falcons win tonight, and we can give rest to at least half of the starters on offense and almost everyone on defense.
Originally posted by King49er:
Oh yeah I'm new to this board, this is my 3rd post lmao

Hey, Noobie!!
Put Chilo Rachal in as punt returner.

We have to win this and don't slip up. The #2 seed is critical. We have come too far. And don't get any more injuries. I just want to get the regular season over with, get out of town and get no injuries. Then hopefully rest for 2 weeks with the #2 seed. It would be better still if New Orleans looses and we can get 3 weeks of rest and the assured #2 seed. We are really banged up right now. Wow this team needs rest.
Swain and Peele will be enough to compliment the passing game against the rams. I would be surprised to see Ginn or Williams see any playing time against the rams. If all goes well, the sitting injured get three weeks off, worse case scenario they get nearly two weeks to recover.
I gotta tow the line and say the Rams will be looking to play spoiler to us this week. Play hard and get a early lead and let some guys rest.
This. Let's bring it 49ers!
Originally posted by mayo49:
Let's get that #2 seed.
75-0 49ers
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