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Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I am worried because we are coming off a short week and Seattle is f**king awesome at home PLUS their players are relatively healthy.

they've got 3 starters on their o-line (moffitt carpenter and okung) out for the year and mike williams just broke his ankle and sidney rice is also on ir, we are healthier than they are

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Originally posted by Joecool:
Didn't they lose 2 OL? Once a team gets stopped, that formula works for other teams for a couple more weeks until adjustments can be properly implemented. I think GB is going to have some scrappers these next 2.

They lost both tackles. Beluga RT and Newhouse (backup LT) losing Newhouse is like losing a post on the line, that guy is terrible. No word that Ive heard on the Beluga injury or how long he is out. However, it is rumored that Chad Clifton the opening day LT is supposed to be back this week. Last year GB's line woes ended when Clifton came back.

GB lose the next two? The Bears dont have a QB. Hanie is plain awful, they are talking about going with McCown. Add that with no Forte, they have no punch on O, even as bad as the GB D is. The Lions will give them trouble, but no way do they lose to Chicago, coming off a loss, they are going to be playing for blood at Lambeau.
Toughest game of the year.

Hawks are playing well.
Stadium sssuuuuuccckkksss for opposing teams.
Injuries are mounting.
Must win game to get the bye.

Niners 17
Seahawks 13
This is going to be a really tough game. Seattle is one of the hardest stadiums to play in and they are a very competitive team
We gonna blow them out
i'm gonna be there making what little noise i can!

i already won ribeye steaks from my father-in-law (to be paid on xmas dinner) from week one. this game is for whiskey! woot!
Originally posted by crabman82:
wasnt gonna go to this game cus of christmas eve, but i said f**k it, i'll be there

yo, i am going to this game too (fingers still crossed that my father-in-law gets the tickets from his friend). would be nice to see other inner fans there!
Originally posted by AJ_Larrea954:

Man...the zone has the best gifs.
I'd like to win please

Ya'll may not want to hear this but Im predicting a Niner loss in this one. They have been playing good and are on a little roll. Seattle is always a tough place to play, and we coming off a short week after an emotional win. Might be a bit much for our boys 17-13 seahawks.

I hope Im wrong
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Originally posted by toeknee:
Win we must

hiya yoda
Originally posted by NavyNinerFan:
Good possibility no Ginn this time. Have not heard of the extent of his ankle injury. With only 3 plus days to rest/get ready it does not look good for him to play. I wonder if Braylon Edwards will take this as a chance to show something...or will he be too pissed off of having been left of the roster last night. Man, I really thought he would make a difference this year. Very disappointing. Kyle Williams will have to handle the punt/kick duties. He has definitely stepped up this year so no reason to believe he won't continue to do so. Go Niners!!! (and Falcons too!).

kendall hubter should return kickoffs given niners needing williams as a receiver
damn it, of course the eagles and cowboys game will be shown everywhere in the US except cali and washington. damn i cant stand those 2 teams and the fascination with both
49ers 27
Seahawks 10
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