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We can't stop him. You need lots of pressure so the QB doesn't have time. We just have to slow him down.
did the Niners stop doing the captain "C" patches this year? I dont remember seeing anyone wearing them.
hit stafford and put rodgers on him and let goldson and the other safeties pound on him a little, even a dude as big as CJ would still get f**ked up if he got hit like mike williams did today lol. were gonna need brooks, mac, J Smith and Aldon to harass stafford all day
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I don't think Suh plays DE.

He will be up against iupati

according to siragusa his name is "lapooey"

i noticed that too!
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The key will be to pressure Stafford and make life miserable for him and effectively running the ball to keep Detroit's offense off the field.

yes, but we don't want to hurt Stafford. Yall know who the backup is. My boy Shaun will dink and dunk us, and never let our offense get on the field.

but yes seriously, I'd rather Shaun not enter the game.

Agreed. Stafford is more likely to make mistakes by trying to force things.
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We need to destroy the offspark

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Aleximus Prime
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There's a reason why Calvin Johnson is among the league's best. At the moment, he's probably the hottest WR in the NFL now.

The key to stopping him? Stop Matthew Stafford.

This. I hope Aldon Smith plays a lot and we just sack the guy a bunch.
I dont think u can. I just hope our secondary guys are in good enough position to swat the ball away on those jump balls they throw to him.

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or Alexscream
Let's worry about Johnson after tonight's game... neither Stafford or Johnson are known for being healthy, so who knows what might happen tonight.
keep stafford and him off the field by running a controlled offense, run the ball short passes and take time off the clock. their defense can be moved on up and down the field, just hope we stop suh. very winnable game but we must show up early on the road playing the 10 am game
we're gonna find out a whole lot about Iupati and whether he steps into elite level when he goes against Suh on every play. Sure he'll probably get some help from Goodwin, but it'll be interesting to see if Fairley plays on the other side and whether Snyder can hold his own against him.

that DT duo ain't no joke
Yea I'm pretty nervous about this one. Not if we win or lose but if Alex will be upright at the end of the game. You can't stop suh you can only hope to contain him. O line has played 6 solid quarters hopefully they can keep it up!!
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