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He cannot be stopped. We'll stop the run game and hopefully everyone else. CJ will get his though. Hopefully Rogers or Spencer will hold him to only one TD.
They need to start or play Kendall Hunter at RB. Do runs or sweeps to the outside getting the big boys moving sideways play after play. run a few reverses also. Tire out the big DT's, the run right at them.
I think we are a better team than the Lions. If you go position by position where are they better than us??
Originally posted by sdaddy101269:
I think we are a better team than the Lions. If you go position by position where are they better than us??

D line (pass rush) and WR
If Suh gets to AS and throws him down by the neck or helmet like he's done to others in the past, expect a penalty and a brawl. This is gonna be an aggressive, ugly game. I expect Iupati to handle Suh most of the game, especially on running plays. In fact, he doesn't scare me half as much as CJ, gotta minimize the damage that he'll do with aggressive blitzing on Stafford.
If we put pressure on Stafford we WILL win this f*cker

We will stuff their running game and force them to pass to beat us our secondary needs to have a big day
Middle screens all day and runs off tackle...make these fatties get tired; wear them down and then run down their throats between the guards!

ESPN was just showing how the Cowboys neutralized their d-line by doing middle screens and quick gashing runs up the gut.
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Ndamukong Suh vs Alex Smith...
Niners are playing great. Here is to a great week of preparation and carry it through until to the Lions. Go Niners
As well as RJF played against Tampa, he shouldn't play much against Detroit. We should run a TON of 4-2-5. RayMac and J. Smith inside with A. Smith and Brooks at d-end. Bowman and Willis at 'backer. In the secondary, we should run mostly man converage. Rogers and Goldson should both double Johnson on every play. No other team has thrown 2 DB's that good at him. Spencer should finally start hopefully and can cover Burleson. Whitner on Pettigrew. Reggie Smith should play centerfield. When Titus Young is in the game, Brown should enter for Bowman and cover him. In their base O, Bowman/Willis can play zone in the middle of the field or pick up Best or Scheffler or their other random targets if they're running pass routes. This team is not invincible- they beat Tampa by one score and needed OT to beat s**tty ass Minnesota. This game can be won

If everything goes according to their talent level. Our O-line will be punked all day. I am hoping that the Lions D-line gets tired and Harbaugh formulates a good offensive game plan to counter that D-lline.
I just check the TV listings for next week, and Fox is showing the darn Panthers-Falcons game. It sucks being a 49ers fan stuck in North Carolina. I guess I'll watch in on Veetle like I do most of the games.

49ers Fan in NC
#99 will stop Megetron.

Don't we have a similar guy who's 6'5 and runs a 4.38 forty? How they gonna stop that combined with #46?
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Originally posted by Kolohe:
Big question will be, how does our defense stop the jump ball to CJ??

Instead of trying to out jump him(which will be impossible), let him jump up and catch the ball. And when he is falling back to the ground, punch the ball out of his hands.

Or don't go for the ball at all. Just tell the DB's to catch Megetron and carry him out of bounds for an in-completion.
Originally posted by Joecool:
#99 will stop Megetron.

Don't we have a similar guy who's 6'5 and runs a 4.38 forty?

Nope, unless Staley got super fast in the offseason.
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