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Originally posted by frenchmov:
not too concerned about this game to be honest. we have completely dominated the seachickens in frisco the last couple years. if it was in seattle i wouldn't be as confident. we should win this game easily but you never know!

yeah, the real test is week 2
man the hawks ain't gonna do squat this yr. they are clearly in the andrew luck sweepstakes as petey knows this is his only chance to get inside the crafty mind of jimmy is by scooping up the next elway coming out of college this upcoming yr. luck can offer him beastly qb play as well as insider knowledge of harbaugh's offense. I hate the hawks as well as all of our division opponents and heres to chapter one of the carroll-harbaugh saga. go niners
49ers win 7-0 in OT.
I guess it would be 6-0 cuz what's the point of kicking the extra point?
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
yeah, the real test is week 2

I ain't too concerned about the cowboys being that dallas has obvious weaknesses in that their secondary has been putrid the last couple of yrs and i ain't too impressed wit their ground attack plus i believe fangio won't find jason garrett's offense too hard to decipher. the wild card is as always the improvisation of tony romo and his extension of dead plays. we gotta put pressure on their passer and their secondary and not let felix jones rip off big runs then somehow keep ratliff and ware in check then we can win the home game
plus our teams always perform well when there is a brand new head coach.

dennis erickson debut - destroyed the bears 49-7 in the opener
mike nolans - beat the favored rams at home in a game we had no business being close in
jim harbaugh - defeated the seahawks 73-0. harbaugh discovers pete carrols deal
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Go, Nines, go!
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Mike Singletary - seahawks vs 49ers...oh wait.......
Originally posted by ApatheticIAm:
I guess it would be 6-0 cuz what's the point of kicking the extra point?

no they get a field goal and 2 safeties one coming in OT.
Originally posted by Chanhopper415:
Can't wait! I'll be at LB03 Row C! Closest I've been at a Niner game. I'm thinking of making a sign that says "Hey Carroll, What's your deal?"

You should put a picture of Howie Mandel's head on your sign and put "Hey Pete, Deal or no Deal?"
Hmm, so if we blow them out hard before the 4th quarter, do we leave Alex and the rest of the starting offense in to keep gaining more experience/fluidity going into WEEK 2; or do we pull Alex to keep him healthy for the Cowboys game, and give Kaep his first scrub time in the NFL?
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If we can't beat the Seajocks at home, then we can officially start the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Originally posted by NinersEverywhere:
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by RonRon:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:

hahah ,,,whats going on here? maybe this is all that alex needed his whole career, a guy to slap his chest!

This is why I love Harbaugh, he carries a father/son relationship with his quarterbacks in every respect.

This time I have better feelings... feelings that I didn't felt in years.

I really trust what Alex can do and how harbaugh can help him and the whole team

Go Niners!!!

Yeah the feelings from that picture give me hope for this team. GO NINERS
8 days....