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***SF 49ERS VS. OAK RAIDERS GAMEDAY THREAD (Preseason Week 2)***

Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Random thought, but I haven't seen anyone mention RJF, and I thought he played pretty well.

I mentioned him, roughly 72,035 comments ago. Don't you read the threads?

I think RJF is easily the most underrated player on the team. Nothing flashy. He has good strength, good athleticism, great instincts, amazing consistency, and he is almost immovable at NG. Oh, did I mention amazing durability?
Not as strong as Soap, not as explosive as McDonald, but I think he is just about as good as either of them overall.
can someone make a youtube video of all his passing plays....ones where he missed completions...throw aways...sacks...the interceptions....completions...and decisions to take off running......

so yes, like the Nate Davis video.
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