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I am several days late. Thanks for a great post.
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That looks right to me, 49ersalldaway126. I would expect Brooks to be the other primary OLB, but it depends on his recovery.

What happened to Brooks? Man, I can't WAIT for the updates on competition at the OLB positions...actually, all four! We even have OLB's who can play inside (Brooks) and inside LB's who can play outside as well (Willis)...and Aldon can even play inside on the LOS. I can't wait to see what Fangio does with the four starters and his scheme/game planning! Finally, we "might" have a real 3-4 defense!

Brooks came back and was immediately installed at the ROLB with Haralson/Aldon at LOLB.

Looks like they like what Brooks brings to table.

I do too! LOL...I got the impression he was out or injured or missed some time so I was a little confused and we haven't seen too many observations on the OLB position battles thus far save for the Aldon updates (which is encouraging). I love this "clean slate" approach. Let these guys battle it out and may the best men win!

We should have resigned Manny.
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